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The Basics

HL2CTF has two game types. Maps that start with “ctf” will be capture the flag mode. Maps starting with “dom” will be domination mode.

In capture the flag mode, the objective is to steal the enemy flag from the enemy base, and bring it back and touch it to your flag. If your flag is stolen, you must return it before you can capture. The team with the most capures wins, frags are not counted.

In domination mode, the objective is to steal the neutral flag and hold on to it as long as possible. The team with the longest hold-time wins, frags are not counted.


Weapons: Alyx Gun, OICW and Sniper Rifle.

All of the weapons from Half-Life 2 Deathmatch are available in HL2CTF. In addition, HL2CTF has three new weapons not in HL2DM.

Alyx’s Gun is a selectable pistol/machine gun hybrid, as used by Alyx Vance in Half-Life 2. Secondary fire is used to switch between pistol and SMG mode. Highly accurate when used in short bursts.

The O.I.C.W. is an assault rifle coupled with a powerful grenade launcher. Highly accurate in short bursts. Use secondary fire to launch range-limited grenades.

The Combine Sniper Rifle is a powerful and highly-accurate sniper rifle. Use secondary fire to toggle betweem two zoom modes.

Special Items

Special items: the powerups.

Double Damage increases the damage you deal. Shield decreases the damage done to you. Regen slowly increases your health while have it. Drain gives you health as a reward for hurting enemies, and Cloak makes you fully invisible when standing still, and partially invisible while moving.

Sentry turrets are indestructable and intelligent tripod guns which are provided for the purpose of defense on several maps. To set up a sentry turret use your gravity gun. Sentry turrets will fire at members of the team opposite to the markings on the turret, but can friedly-fire if you get in front of them while they are tracking a target.

Pro Movement

In Pro mode, you can perform three movement tricks: bunny hop, wall jump and rocket jump. To see if a server is using Pro mode or HL2DM mode, check the Game column in the server browser.

To bunny hop, successively hit jump as you are landing on the ground from previous jumps. This will increase your speed and bypass the friction that would normally slow you down when running.

To wall jump, strafe into a wall, then, without releasing strafe, press jump twice rapidly. If you do it right, you will be pushed up and away from the wall.

To rocket jump, fire an explosive at the ground and press jump as it explodes to get an upward boost from the force of the explosion.


Any points awarded to individual players are not counted towards your the team score. The only way for a team to win is to get the most captures, or the longest domination time.

Individual player points are awarded for:


HL2CTF encourages teamwork and provides several ways that you can help your team out, aside from just killing enemies and capturing flags.

You can drop health (x), suit batteries (c), weapons (v) and powerups (b) for your team.

You can also issue radio commands, and when you talk to your team (u), your current location will be printed automatically. You can also use chat macros to quickly report your status:

Char. Macro Example
$A Suit remaining 100 armor
$H Health remaining 100 health
$L Current location Combine Flag Room
$M Ammo ammo 4|2|120
$R Current powerup Double Damage
$S Current team name Rebel

Pro vs. HL2DM

The following table illustrates the differences between Pro mode and HL2DM mode:

Game Setting Pro HL2DM
SMG recoil spread
SMG damage 6 5
Shotgun spread 15° 10°
Shotgun clip 8 6
Shotgun damage 10 9
AR2 damage 12 11
RPG damage 100 150
Combine ball suicide Yes No
Gravity gun rapid fire No Yes
Stunstick & crowbar balanced Yes No
Bullet impact force ½ Normal
Run speed 235 UPS 190 UPS
Bunny hopping Yes No
Wall jumping Yes No
Rocket jumping Yes No
Fall damage 10 Realistic
Drop items Yes No
New weapons Yes Yes
New items (turrets, powerups) Yes Yes
Health & suit chargers Fast Normal
Default spawn weapon Pistol SMG
Spawn selection Farthest Random
Heads-Up Display (HUD) New features Colorized

Console Commands/Variables

The following commands can be used via remote console (rcon) or from a listen server, to control game settings:

Command Result
forcecfg 0/1 If forcecfg is 0, cvars changed via rcon will persist through map changes.
ctf_promode 0/1 Toggles between Pro and HL2DM.
ctf_capturelimit n Maximum number of captures before the round ends.
ctf_mercyrule n Maximum number of captures a team can lead by before the round ends.
ctf_arenamode 0/1 When enabled, players spawn with all weapons.
ctf_matchmode 0/1 When enabled, players ready up and there is a 45 second warmup.
ctf_matchmode_password will set a password when in matchmode.
ctf_allowscripts 0/1 When disabled, players may not use scripted binds.
ctf_powerups 0/1 Toggles powerups.
ctf_turrets 0/1 Toggles turrets.
ctf_extramodels 0/1 Allow or disallow the use of extra single player models.
ctf_overtime n How many minutes of overtime to have if the game is tied at round end.
ctf_idlelimit n How long a player must idle before being switched to spectator.
forceready Forces all players to be ready.
restartround Start the round over.
nextmap mapname Sets the next map to mapname.

The following commands adjust client preferences:

Command Result
cl_autowepswitch 0/1 Toggles switching weapons when you pick up a new weapon.
cl_rebelmodel Sets the model to use when joining Rebels.
cl_combinemodel Sets the model to use when joining Combine.
hud_hitsound 0/1 Toggles a registration sound being played when you hit an enemy.
hud_quickinfo 0/1 Toggles the display of health and ammo around the crosshair.
hud_showcarrier 0/1 Toggles the display of the flag carrier names on the HUD.

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