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Installing the Map Pack


ctf_canals by Sander

A large map for a minimum of 10 players. ctf_canals was formerly an official HL2CTF map. Run through the streets dodging sniper fire, or sneak through the sewers below. The bases are on opposing sides of a swimmable canal, with three bridges connecting them.


ctf_lambdabunker by atrocity & cman2k

A medium-sized asymmetrical map for 6+ players. Lambda Bunker was an official HL2CTF map for several versions, the map pack includes the original Lambda Bunker from HL2CTF 1.3. Although unbalanced, this map is a lot of fun to play from either side.


ctf_twofort_lite by Demented

A medium-sized map for 6+ players. A faithful recreation of the original ctf_2fort_lite, this map brings classic 2fort action to HL2CTF. A bridge separates two large bases which are accessible via direct and underwater routes. Playing offense on this map requires a lot of teamwork.


dom_export by MagicTMP & MeNtHoL

Originally an official CTF map, ctf_export is now being released as a domination-only map.


ctf_thegreatwall by Keved

A large map for a minimum of 10 players. ctf_thegreatwall has fascinating concept ó players inhabit part of a massive fortified wall constructed by the Combine (similar to the Great Wall of China.) The bases are on either side of a large forward projection of the wall. Three paths are provided between the bases: two external and one internal path. The internal path is double-barriered and requires teamwork to use it.


ctf_rooftop by Sander

A small map for a maximum of 10 players. Loosely based on the early part of the single player game, ctf_rooftop puts players on the ledges and roofs of buildings in downtown City 17. The bases, which have direct and secondary entrances, are seperated by elevated train tracks.


dom_raven by Sander

Originally an official CTF map, ctf_raven is now a domination map. Some routes from ctf_raven have been closed off for faster gameplay. This map is an amazing reproduction of Ravenholm, complete with traps and lots of dark corners.


ctf_warehouse by Cyn

A small map for a maximum of 10 players. Fast action and tight-quarters combat with a lot of vertical play. The map encourages you to climb your way to the top to get an advantage over the players on the ground and reach key weapons.

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